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Afterworld Melodic Techno - Sound Kit

Afterworld Melodic Techno - Sound Kit


"Afterworld Melodic Techno" is a library with which you will discover an incomparable sound experience that you will not find anywhere else. Unlock your creative potential and create melodies that will resonate in the depths of the soul.


Astral Synths presents "Afterworld Melodic Techno" the first release of our Label. Immerse yourself in a world of sound inspired by the iconic musical style of Afterlife. Meticulously designed to take your productions to new heights, this library offers you a wide range of samples and presets that encapsulate the very essence of melodic and soulful music.


Discover an exquisite collection of samples, handpicked-crafted to bring you a full range of sonic elements. Immersive atmospheres and ethereal textures, each sample has been crafted with attention to detail to inspire you and help you create unique soundscapes.


In addition to samples, "Afterworld Melodic Techno" offers a wide selection of Serum presets. These presets have been meticulously designed to capture the magic and soulfulness of Afterlife's signature sound. Find evocative leads, soulful pads, hypnotic arpeggios and much more, all ready to be integrated into your productions with a single click.


Inspired by artist like Anyma, Cassian, Camelphat, Monolink, MRAK, Agents Of Time, Tale Of Us, ARTBAT, Mind Against and more.



- 237 samples:

- 30 Kicks.

- 15 Snares.

- 10 Clap-snares.

- 20 Claps (with long decay claps).

- 65 Cymbals (Opened & closed hi hats, crashes and rides).

- 56 FX Samples (Impacts, Reverb Claps, Risers, Sweep Up & Down and Transitions).

- 10 Percussion.

- 10 Rolling bass lines.

- 10 Sub bass lines.

- 5 Hi Hat Loops.

- 3 Percussion Loops.

- 2 Shaker Loops.

- 1 Tom Fill

- 141 Serum presets.

- You don't need any extra plugin.

- You need to have updated serum.

- Ableton Live Project of the DEMO track.

- To open correctly the demo project you need Serum and LFO Tool.

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